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Meditation deals with comfortable and relaxed position.
It helps soothen the mind and clear all thoughts and make you feel alot better.Lots of methods on meditation but im gunna show you mine and when you get the view you can easily discover that you can make your own methods.

This is my easy simple method not those long boring ones.

1.Sit down in a comfortable position do not lay down.
2.Put on some music possible some irish dancing
3.Close your eyes
4.Visualize a huge island and your on the beach standing on the sand.
5.You can do whatever you want on this island play,swim,make,break,kick,slam,hit,throw,etc
i recommend 20 mins of it.
6.When your done playing picture the island gone.
7.Now Once that's all gone and you feel better picture a huge black garbage can with nothing but a lock that isn't locked with a key in it.
8.Put all your thoughts,memories,etc in this box and lock it then picture a ocean and throw it down there physically with your eyes closed.
9.If you ever think about it again say it's at the bottom of the ocean in your head.
10.When you want the box to come back picture it again.
11.You will always have the key
12.Visualization = the key
13.Good Luck