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As you may now know the ability to control the wind is real and it is a natural and non-natural ability the techniques that are given are for outside and you may want to meditate before-hand until you are well progressed.

Method # 1:I have heard alot of stories about this 4 string attached to hand stuff and i believe that's a good method considering all you do is put ur hands by your waists when your outside and visualize the winds being attached to strings to your hands and raise your hands but that didn't work for me well.So what you wanna do is relax go outside touch the trees,touch the grass,touch the concrete,etc
When you think your ready go outside and put your hands up in the air about shoulder length and about to your chest out-ward.When you think your ready visualize wind hitting against your face and the trees swaying in front of you
This is called a Direction of choice.

Method #2:Put your hands up to your chest as before but visualize the trees swaying faster then grasp onto the wind feel it rubbing against your face faster and faster and make it stronger this time and use the wind.
Once you have completed these exercises then you will learn
more of the ability that you can do.Someone could even do 110 mph winds at a direction of their choice if they wish to and they practice hard enough.Don't strain yourself it isn't a test relax....