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Psi Balls

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Psi Balls
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Psi Balls are balls of psi which we don't know what psi

is so we can't really say anything about it.

My method:My method is simple i sit down and put my feet on the ground and visualize energy dropping through my hands into the earth to the core and back up clean once i do that a few times i visualize a psi cube in the middle of my abdomen go to and search abdomen if your un-sure then i picture a string shooting from it to where i want the psi to go of course my hands and i will feel a nice jiggly in my hands and feel energy and alot of stuff flowing then i visualize it into a tennis ball in my hands and when u get your hands tennis ball apart you can try to touch the ball and it will seem like a bounce or a force field and then u can program it to do stuff like bounce play catch send it to people just close your eyes and talk and say what u want it to do and believe and hopefully the one above by wingmakers who gets credit not me and this one by me helps you remember feel the psi.Visualization,Concentration,and Feeling,Seeing(Optional) can help you succeed.

Visualization-It is like making a mental picture in your head or pretending considering like in a story you can put the images in your head that's visualization.

Concentration-focus and keep your goal in your head

Feeling-touch well you know

Seeing-Looking with your eyes * *

Instead of using energy from another source you can try my method with a different object such as fog,a cloud,etc
Considering the fact that it makes you stronger to use psi from your body.