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Telekinesis Training and PyroKinesis Training

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Telekinesis Training and PyroKinesis Training
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First off,I'd like to share something that you will need to practice with.It's called a psi wheel and nobody knows what psi is so far because everyone thinks it's energy or a physical substance etc.To get psi visualize a cube in your abdomen and visualize it glowing green and just floating bouncing off the places in your abdomen and visualize it coming from there to your hands and when you feel it you know you can direct psi energy now practice until you get it well enough now to the methods.Now a psi wheel is just a square like material can be paper or aliminum or something else folded to give a star-like shape and balanced on a needle or a narrow pointed object to give freedom of movement or free of movement.Now to make a psi wheel you might want to check out this following site: and once you done that add like a needle or something put it on a notepad the needle on a notepad and the wheel on the needle once you have made a psi wheel of your choice you can now feel and
try the psi wheel movement trick is what i call it.Now
follow the steps below to make it move with your mind and we will have online help soon.A few methods to do this but if your a natural you don't have to worry about it.Alright Ready to get started? Method # 1:Alright you may or can visualize the wheel moving in your mind like your watching a see-saw up and down or a merry go round while at the same time try and attempt to send a concentrated flow or stream of psi energy towards the wheel and keep practicing.Method # 2:A better way is to eat if your hungry and possible play some meditation music then relax and meditate and be concentrating on what you want to do such as moving the psi wheel and then give your psi energy through the concept of visualisation.You can see the energy as a cube in ur abdomen or as a fog of smoke whatever floats your boat. Then direct this visualised psi towards the wheel.And at the same time will it to move be one with the wheel.

Now i want to explain Pyrokinesis which is the ability to control fire and possibly create it.This is dangerous so it isn't my fault if you get hert be sure to keep water around even if u do it around a sink.Keep good concentration not to burn yourself.But i recommend the making of psi balls chapter first before attempting this but of course you can do the DANCING FLAME which you have or have not heard of now here is the different methods with using fire.Method # 1:Dancing Flame-Well you may or may not want to but eat and do some meditation in front of a candle first then blow out the candle and start now get in a relaxed or ok position that you are very well comfortable in and grab a match put it on something that you don't want to get burned perhaps a metal bowl outside on the concrete i don't know don't start a fire again it isn't my fault now light the match on fire and focus on it and the flame of it create a string or a tunnel or a hople between you and the flame be one with the flame visualize it going out.You must be completely focused on the flame for this to work with enough power and thinking clearly you can make the flame go out.Now once you have made the flame go out and you do it alot of times or if you think you're ready you can try to relight it from when you made it go out so focus on the flame relighting after a couple of days even weeks of this you will start to see the ember start to turn back red again and once you will it hard enough and visualize it being a flame again it will relight.Nice going your moving well if you have done it.

Method # 2:Lighting a Candle:

After getting proper rest and have eaten and arn't hungry get relaxed and get a candle visualize the wick of the candle being made up of hundreds of thousands of spheres and dots or cubes as you visualize more and more of them they swirl faster and faster feel them becoming hot very hot until they glow like suns that are little.When they are glowing real bright then bring part of your focus back to the wick as a whole of it while still seeing and feelin g the molecules of excitment see the wick start to glow then visualize it burning into a flame and with enough power it will.Now you need to produce a psi ball around the wick if you think your a natural or at least produce it for a while until you get it.If you want to change the shape or mind of a flame then just will it to and visualize and concentrate.

This has been a flame and tk training manual.